Our public bar is your main point of  entry into our reception, whether you are in for the night, a casual drink, a great meal or a myriad of other good reasons. You will also be welcomed by warm professional staff or owners and one of the best views from any pub on the planet (true!*).

Guests enjoy a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We proudly support 3 Christchurch breweries through our eight beers on tap and over 40 wines to choose from, including 14 by the glass. Whilst quaffing on a fine Three Boys Pilsener you might pause on the fine deck in front of you kindly sponsored by an unknown beer baron.   We select our wines supporting local vineyards in Waipara and Banks Peninsula but also in our belief in what varietals grow best in each region. So where you will find a couple of Malborough Sauvignon Blanc's, you will also find an Argentinian Malbec, a Californian Chardonnay, a Rose from Provence and even a Puglian Primitivo.   Our espresso coffee utilizes coffee beans roasted by Hummingbird also in Christchurch

Bar facilities include a pool table, juke box, table soccer machine, dart board and the best kickass pinball machine in the "Revenge from Mars".  If anyone is capable of beating JEDs high score (that's me) they get a night on the house in one of our new super glamourous balcony queen rooms or they can have a nice slapdash two course meal on me.  I will of course be slightly annoyed and totally surprised if anyone can top it.  We also have wide screen LCD TV's featuring Sky sports, World disasters and other events so you can catch up with all the Super 15, All Blacks games, Natural disasters and maybe the Netball too.  We will not of course be rescreening the rugby world cup games or any Black Caps games in which we lose to the Ozzies  

The main bar area features a comprehensive heating and cooling system, however, in winter you are likely to be greeted with a roaring open fire, which has sadly become a rarity in Canterbury.  Not forgetting to mention our stupendous world famous views (truly) some very groovy surround sounds and free wifi if you must (but please don't hog its GB or log on to anything I might get arrested for).  

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